Thursday, 3 November 2011

Oops I did it again (This post has nothing to do with Britney Spears)

That's right. I just made another order from Models Own. But only it's 11 hours until payday, so the money will be made back up tomorrow (and then spent again on Saturday). But this set was a B-A-R-G-A-I-N! So much of a bargain it deserved for each letter to be separated by a hyphen just to emphasise just how much of a bargain this bargain was. Anyway, enough of the bargaining for one day. But seriously, such. a. bargain. Sorry, I'll stop now.

So, usually all the items together in this set, titled "Nail Art Kit" would be £26.00. But, Models Own have put these items together as a Christmas Gift Set at the BARGAIN (sorry had to) price of £15.00! Now you should understand why I have said bargain so many times. I'm so happy they brought this set out just before payday, because I was planning on buying three of the items anyway (Nail Art Pen, 3 in 1 coat, and Purple Blue nail polish). It also comes in a nifty box, which I may start using to store my Models Own Nail Polish, naturally. Obviously I'll write a review about this when it arrives, which will hopefully be very soon!

My nails inc Magnetic Nail Polish arrived this morning, so I'll try to do a review on it today. I must get on with this English coursework, but I swear the majority of my street are having their front drives done so all I can hear is drilling. In fact, I'm in fear my bedroom is about to collapse in to my front garden, which wouldn't be appreciated seeing as I'm in my pj's and sporting a very unflattering hairdo.

Chow for now,

The "Nail Art Kit" can be bought from the Models Own website a long with many other special Christmas collections. Buy this set here.

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