Saturday, 26 November 2011

Ima party and party and party

Hey guys, sorry I've been off the blogging-sphere for a week. I've just been crazily busy and exhausted with work and school, which are the usual culprits of my absence. I went to my friend Bob's 18th birthday extravaganza last night, and oh my god the venue was absolutely gorgeous, I seriously felt like I'd just walked in to an episode of 90210. I was more surprised though that a place like it existed in the crappy little town I reside in, although I had to walk down a blacked out lane with two of my friends in skyscraper heels... never again. It didn't help my friend had a torch and kept saying it was like we were in the Blair Witch Project, I'm usually the one to say the wrong things at the worst of times!

Me, the birthday boy, and Danie
We all received a complimentary cocktail on our arrival, and were then given glow-in-the-dark wrist bands in case in of the event that in our drunken mess we would wander off in to the surrounding woodland. Me being me, complained my bright orange band did not match my outfit, but I was offered a purple one which I was much happier with.

Me and Allie, Me after a few too many glasses of wine
Please excuse the second picture, by this point I'd consumed a few too many glasses of wine. The dress code of the party was formal, and all the boys were expected to wear suits (a few had to purchase a suit especially). In typical Charlotte style, I went on a very last minute shopping spree with my friend Megan the day before the party, in which I found this gorgeous embellished top from New Look, priced at £22.99, it can be found here (for some reason the colour I purchased it in has disappeared).

Birthday boy, Me, Alice and Charlotte

But, anyway in other news. I entered a competition yesterday on the Models Own facebook page to win two VIP tickets to Clothes Show Live in Birmingham, and a Nail Art Kit, and guess what? I WON! To enter you had to write an entry on why you love Models Own, this is what I wrote...

"I love Models Own because... my friends all think i'm a freak since I became addicted to nail polish (this is all your fault) but it makes me laugh when they ask about a colour and I can just name it off the top of my head. The variety of colours is also fabulous, I swear I look at the website atleast once a day although I already know the exact items on there. I also love how the range of colours can instantly transform my outfit, and the nail art pen is my favourite item because it gives my nails individuality, although i've maybe overdone the leopard print a little too much. So, overall I love Models Own because of the quality of the polish, the range of colours, and the fact your brand sparked my love for nail polish and I am now never seen with unpainted nails! Must. Resist. The. Polish. Until. Payday. x"

Reading this back I sound completely crazy, but bear in mind I wrote this in about 30 seconds before I had to leave for school. Tonight I am off to another 18th party! I think I may have to do a lot of pre-drinking so I can't feel the pain when I put my heels back on, or maybe I'll just soak my feet in a bath and cover them in plasters before I leave. Hm , this may be the better option. Hope you all have a lovely Saturday night whatever your plans are, I better get ready, the party starts in 5 hours!

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