Friday, 23 August 2013

Tag: Everyday I'm Shufflin'

So allllllll the way back in April (slaps wrist), I was tagged by the very lovely Mollie to partake in a potentially embarrassing and reputation ruining music tag. Maybe it's cliche, but music is a massive part of my life. I adore going to gigs, finding new music and did at one point want to be a Music Journalist. I was even chosen by Channel 4 to take part in a Music Journalism workshop at their studios! Whether it's listening to music on the radio, an iPhone, a laptop, or in a car, I always have music playing in one way or another.

Let's hope nothing too embarrassing comes up, I've lost track of whats on my iPod....

1. Above & Beyond - Thing Called Love (feat. Richard Bedford)
2. Two Door Cinema Club - Come Back Home
3. Lana Del Rey - Diet Mountain Dew
4. Avicii - Two Million
5. Disclosure - Second Chance
6. Destiny's Child - Survivor (tuneeeee!)
7. Disclosure - F For You
8. Flux Pavilion - I Can't Stop (Sleepy Tom Remix)
9. Will Smith - Get Jiggy Wit It (not ashamed!)
10. Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans
11. Disclosure - White Noise (feat. Aluna George)
12. Pyero - Bura
13. The Weeknd - High For This
14. Joker - The Vision (feat. Jessie Ware)
15. Afrojack - Take Over Control (feat. Eva Simons)
16. Miami Horror - Holidays
17. Madeon - Icarus
18. Bombay Bicycle Club - Your Eyes
19. Snow Patrol - Set Fire To The Third Bar
20. Beyonce - Run The World (Girls)

It seems like my iPod's being nice to me today, there's nothing there that's too embarrassing. I have a pretty varied taste in music but adore dance and house. I recently went to the Electric Daisy Carnival in London, which I plan to do a post on - it was seriously amazing. I also got back from V Festival a few days ago so a post will be coming up about that interesting weekend very soon! 

I tag anyone who want's to risk embarrassing themselves on the internet. 
What's the cheesiest tune on your iPod?
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*Disclaimer: This post contains a sponsored link in return for the sexiest headphones ever to exist.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

I Got Into University!

I did it! Last Thursday after a dreaded three months of waiting, I found out that I'm officially a Communications and Media student at the University of Leeds. It still hasn't sunk in that I'll be moving from the middle of the Bedfordshire countryside to a huge city, but I've never been so excited about something. After three years of absolute A Level induced hell, I'm ready to move on and finally prove myself. I'm planning on doing a few posts about becoming a fresher and preparing for university, I've always loved reading other peoples and found them really helpful. Here's to the next chapter in my life!

Have you recently got into university? Any tips for a fresher?
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Friday, 2 August 2013

Models Own (Again) | Mirrorball Collection in Hot Stuff

I seem to be loving grass as a backdrop in my pictures at the moment. Even if I did have to pick out a load of dead leaves before I took photos, the things I do for my blog aye? But there is a higher love in my life at the momento, this being Hot Stuff. Yes, I know, the Models Own Mirrorball Collection is so last year but I've only just had the honour of owning any of the stunning polishes after receiving a couple for my birthday. So, as the Mirrorball Collection came out all the way back in September 2012, I'll give you a little reminder. It's made up of five glitter packed polishes; Hot Stuff, Freak Out!, Dancing Queen, Boogie Nights, and Disco Inferno, each with a different coloured lid corresponding to the colour of the polish.

Hot Stuff is loaded with red and fuchsia speckles of glitter and larger pink and rainbow glitter pieces, which seem to be either gold or blue most of the time. It looks stunning in the sunlight, of which we're luckily getting a lot of at the moment. When I got it, I instantly thought of BarryM Greenberry, don't you think they make a beautiful pairing? Application is hassle free, but like most polishes with large glitter pieces, you do have to poke them around a bit to get an equal coverage.

As expected, it is a total pain to remove, but I think it's appearance is worth the twenty minutes it took me to get it off my nails. The glitter can be slightly scratchy due to it's size, but nothing that a coat of top coat can't fix. Hot Stuff has fast become a new favourite of my glitter polishes and a welcome addition to my Models Own collection. If you want to get your hands on this (and quite rightly so) it's available from the Models Own website and most Boots stores for £5 each, or £20 for the whole set (exclusive to the MO website).

Have you tried any of the Models Own Mirrorball Collection?
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