Monday, 27 May 2013

Let's Have A Catch-Up...

Uh oh, it seems that I disappeared off the face of the earth once again. I thought I owed my lovely followers who have stuck around an explanation for my complete lack of blogging in the last few months - it's time to get a bit personal ladies. Let's have a catch-up...

[1] It's that time of the year that I completely despise, hello exams and coursework deadlines. This sudden influx has been a shock to the system and has led me to a fair few meltdowns (one of my best talents). I haven't had the best of years at sixth form, it seems to be a pattern with me that I start off with impeccable attendance, I meet all homework deadlines and then suddenly I just lose it a bit, but this year I completely lost it. I don't want to go into too much depth, as thinking about it all freaks me out a bit.

[2] On the topic of sixth form I finished last Friday, so I'm two exams away from a fourteen week summer of freedom! I've been on the job hunt, but haven't had the best of luck so far. It was only last week I got rejected from SEVEN jobs at ASDA. Charlotte is not loving life right now!

[3] Still on the topic of education, I thought I'd give you a bit of a university update. I was lucky enough to receive offers from all of the five universities that I applied for, but there was always one that stood out for me. I've firmed the University of Leeds and insured Newcastle University to study Communications and Media. Keep your fingers crossed for me guys, I'm not feeling so hopeful at the moment.

[4] I've been feeling very uninspired with my blog recently, from content to design. I have even considered stopping, but I'd miss it way too much. I'm planning on having a complete blog design overhaul, and I have so many post ideas. I just need the summer to get it all going!

So there you go, a little update for you all. I've been surprised to still be gaining followers and receiving comments so thank you so much to all of you who stuck around, and hello to my lovely new followers. I'm going to try so hard with my blog over the summer, and maybe even attend a meet-up, who knows?

How are you all? I'll be back with new posts in the very near future!
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