Sunday, 23 September 2012

Top 5 Autumn Nail Polishes

I thought I would point you in the direction of a guest post I did a few days back on Anastasia's blog,
Dainty Desires. She's a lovely girl and you should definitely go and check out her blog! It features my top five Autumn nail polishes, and naturally the majority of them are from Models Own. Oh! Which leads me onto another thing. If you somehow haven't heard about this already, Models Own are offering a 50% off sale if they reach 100,000 likes on their facebook page by the end of September. They are SO close, so please get liking! Commiserations to my bank account.

I haven't been posting much lately because of starting college. I've been catching the bus everyday and it's surprisingly tiring, especially on the mornings I have to wake up at 6:00am! All in all though, I definitely feel I made the right decision in leaving my previous Sixth Form. A new environment is what I needed.

What are your favourite nail polishes for the Autumn months?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Tag: My Make-Up History

I quite enjoy doing these tags, although this is only the second one I have ever done. It means you can get to know me a bit more as although I've been blogging for over a year I still don't feel like I've completely introduced myself. I was tagged to do this by the lovely Rebecca, she's actually a girl I know from my old school, but I totally forgot to include her in my Bloggers Showcase post! But you should definitely go and check out her blog, she's just completely re-vamped it and it looks awesome. So onto the tag...

Q1: How long have you been wearing make-up? I've been wearing make-up since about the age of twelve, but that was only the minimal make-up like a bit of mascara and lip gloss. I never really used to bother with it because we weren't allowed to wear it to school. I used to steal borrow my mums at first, I think she got pretty annoyed about it!

Q2: What was your favourite make-up product in the beginning? I think I used to love the lip gloss a little bit too much. I remembering buying a L'Oreal Diamond Shine lip gloss, and my friends never believed me that there were really diamonds in it. I think there were anyway? I'm convinced!

Q3: What is your favourite make-up product now? Has to be nail polish and mascara. I can't stand having bare nails these days, I never used to be bothered by nail polish but now it's become an addiction.

Q4: What were some of your favourite brands in the beginning? Probably good old Miss Sporty. I can't really remember too far back though, but when I used to borrow my mums make-up it was all No7 so I used to use quite a few of their products.

Q5: What are some of your favourite brands now? I adore Models Own, but that's a well known fact on my blog. I seem to use quite a lot of Rimmel make-up, and elf, MUA, and Benefit are pretty lovely as well.

Q6: How would you describe your make-up style? Natural, but made up at the same time. I love lashing of mascara, and a pop of blusher on my cheeks. I always go for the classic smokey eye look on a night out.

Q7: What is your everyday make-up like? I like to look natural and not like I've smeared foundation on my face with a trowel.

Q8: What is your going out make-up like? Smokey eyes, always using the MUA Heaven and Earth and Undressed palettes, pretty much the same as my everyday make-up just a few more layers!

Q9: What make-up look are you known for? Well, it's not one I wear now, but back in the day I was very well known for my liquid eyeliner skills. I still get some  people saying things to me like "I always used to want to do my eyeliner like yours!". Looking back, the whole thing was a huge mistake.

Q10: What is the worst beauty crime you have commited? Has to be the liquid eyeliner, I literally just drew rings of it around my eyes. I also had an obsession with glitter eyeliner.

Q11: What is the worst beauty crime you are proud to have not commited? Not taking care of your skin. I know quite a few people who quite happily just use make-up wipes, and I'll put my hands up and admit up until a few years ago I was one of those people. I'm now an avid user of cleaner, toner and moisturiser.

Q12: What is a trend you were part of but now aren't a fan of? Back to the glitter eyeliner again. It looks nice on some people, but I just feel it's a little too 'four-year-oldy' for my taste.

Q13: What is one trend you are proud to say you were never a part of? Foundation lips. Seriously, there was a time were 90% of the female population in my year group must have been doing this. Everyone's lips just seemed to disappear, what is attractive about that?

Q14: What is one look you will never ever go for? Drawing a beauty spot onto my face. Just no, never going to happen. You've either got it or you don't, people should just accept that!

Q15: If you were brave enough to wear any look, what would it be? Probably really bright lipstick, the closest I get is red but I love some of the orange and pink shades out there.

Q16: An old Holy Grail product of yours? I'd say Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. I've been buying this for yeaaaars now, and have never felt the need to try any other powder on the market.

Q17: A new Holy Grail product of yours? Make-up wise, it would have to be CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara. I discovered this product whilst in Los Angeles, and I just LOVE it! Skincare wise, I'd definitely say Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. This product has improved my skin so much, it's just a shame about the price.

Well that was much longer than I first thought it would be! So now I've dished out the dirt on some of my beauty crimes and embarrassments, I challenge you lovely lot to do the same.

I tag: 
and anyone else who wants to do this!


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Blogger Showcase - Friends Who Have Set Up Blogs

A few of my friends have decided to enter the blogging community, so I thought it was about time I introduced you to their lovely blogs. I remember when I first started blogging and for a while I was literally writing posts to myself. It's always nice to have people to interact with, and they each have something different to offer, so I really do hope you like them.

First up is my nearest and dearest friend Allie. I've known her for five years now, and I love her to pieces. You will have seen her mentioned on my blog a lot as we're always going on trips and doing things together. She's a film buff, and has a penchant for photography. Right now, she has a complete obsession with Christian Bale (I don't see it myself!) and Batman in general. In fact she went to the Batman film premiere in London, which she has posted about here. She hasn't posted much yet, but she's still getting into the swing of things. If you like nail art, recipes, photography and films, then definitely check her out. 

Bethany is another friend I've known a long time. She's one of the sweetest most thoughtful girls you will ever meet, and although appears an angel, after a few alcoholic beverages it's a completely different story. She'll be moving to Southampton soon to study Advertising at university, so I'm sure she'll be posting about all her experiences there. She's my Media Studies buddy, and we both share the same passion for the subject. I know she loves a good shopping haul, and also like everyone featured here loves nail art.

Sam has always been the friend I can talk to for hours about make-up, nails and hair, which is why I was so ecstatic when she finally started her blog. I must admit, I'm a little bit jealous of her blog name. I wish I could come up with something as sophisticated and awesome sounding, maybe she can help me? (hint hint). She'll also be heading off to university soon, to study Media Production at Coventry. Sam loves a bit of nail art, and she's pretty darn good at it to be honest. She's also got a great fashion sense, and seems to always be able to pick up a great bargain, not forgetting to mention she's a babe.

I haven't known Abbie closely for that long, but after spending two and a half weeks in Poland with her, I've been able to get to know her properly (and manage to persuade her to set up a blog) and discover how much of a lovely girl she is. She's got the voice of an angel (and looks!) and will soon be packing up and moving to Gloucestershire University to study Performing Arts. She's ANOTHER friend who loves nail art, and it turns out to be a main feature of her blog, along with her absolutely adorable puppy and plenty of beauty products! 

I really hope you all find a blog here that you love. They are all absolutely lovely and genuine girls who can all definitely write a decent blog post! So, I guess if you love nail art and nail polish in general, are maybe interested in hearing about freshers university experiences, or like the odd recipe, fashion post and review then there is a blog here for you.

I might make this a regular feature within different blog categories, what do you think?