Saturday, 12 November 2011

NOTD: Models Own Leopard Print Nail Art

I am finally the proud owner of a nail art pen (hooray!) and it's made nail painting 10x even funner. I am in love with my nails, and I can't stop showing them off to people. This is my first ever try at a leopard print pattern and I'm pretty proud at the results. But honestly, it's so easy to do. I used Models Own Top Turquoise as the base coat, then I used Models Own Coral Reef to do the leopard splodges, and finally the Models Own and Wah Nail art pen to draw the black squiggles around each splodge. I'm so gutted I have to take this off tomorrow morning before work, but I can't wait to experiment more with this nail art pen. Who knows, I may even buy some rhinestones next!

I'm now off to my friend Megan's to watch the X Factor with a takeaway and glass of wine before my early shift at work tomorrow (just shoot me). Hope you all have a lovely Saturday night with whatever shenanigans you're getting up too.


  1. hii i love your blog!i also have one with nail art topics.i joined yours.i also have a youtube channel that i will be more than happy to go check ot and sub if you like it:)i will sub back if you also have one!

  2. I really love the colour mix you've used for this :)

  3. they look amaze! don't think i'd have the patience, but so funky!

    thanks for following my blog =] xo


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