Thursday, 10 November 2011

NOTD: Models Own Purple Blue - Beetlejuice Collection

Described on the Models Own website, the Beetlejuice collection nail polishes are 'four pearlescant colours mixed into one gleaming shade'. The shades which are inspired by beetles (hence the name) are, Pinky Brown, Emerald Black, Aqua Violet, Golden Green, and Purple Blue, which is the shade I purchased. The consistency of this polish is very thin, and to be honest, at first coat of this shade I was really alarmed at the colour which appeared, as it was nothing like in the bottle, just a sheer glittery brown. But, (yes there's a but) after three coats the colour did build up to the colour in the bottle which is an absolutely gorgeous purpley-blue metallic, multi-tonal shade.

Due to the glitter and the consistency of the polish, application was quite awkward as a lot of the colour gathered on the tip of the nail after a second brush stroke, so I found it was easier to build up thin layers of the polish instead of applying it thickly. It took slightly longer to dry than other Models Own polishes, but I think this is because of the amount of layers it takes to build up the colour. Overall, I'm really pleased I tried out this polish and I adore the colour. I'm not sure if I'm going to try out any of the other colours in the range as they don't really attract me as much as this shade did.

Models Own Beetlejuice collection is limited edition and available here


  1. That's a really lush colour, that's the thing that attracted me to the idea of the bettlejuice because of the tones. xx

  2. @Rachael - Thanks! I know, it looks so pretty in the sunlight. I really do love multi-tonal glittery polish!
    @Nicole - Thank you!

  3. such a cute colour, definately going to try and get my hands on it.
    love your blog please take a look at mine and follow


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