Sunday, 23 October 2011

My Growing Nail Polish Collection

Yes, we have indeed another nail polish related post! I'll try not to make this a constant thing, but honestly as sad as it is, it's the only thing I have at the moment to post about. I must take pictures of more interesting things, the camera I use belongs to my Dad and I'm too scared to take it out in case I break it. But anyway, yesterday I mentioned how obsessed I am with Models Own nail polish , and my collection is growing rapidly each payday.

So, here are some images of my nail polish collection, about a month ago all I owned were the Barry M polish, and lets be honest, they are nothing on Models Own.

Bottom Row - Barry M: Shocking Pink, Nails Effects Black, Raspberry, Fuchsia
ELF: Black 
Models Own: Peacock Green, Disco Mix, Betty Blue

Models Own: Pastel Pink, Jade Stone, Coral Reef

Models Own: Top Turquoise, Silver Fox, Lilac Dream
FAVOURITES: Disco Mix, Coral Reef, Jade Stone, and Lilac Dream.
LUSTING AFTER: Models Own Nail Art Pen, Purple Poppy, Feeling Blue, Emerald City, and from the new 'Beetlejuice Collection' Purple Blue and Aqua Violet

Conclusion: If you haven't tried 
Models Own, then you should. 


  1. purple poppy is gorgeous, i'd defs recommend it :)
    - Dara :) x

  2. wowee - love that purple glitter one - its the first time I have seen it. Definitely will have to invest! x

  3. @Dara - Yes, it looks lovely on the website and the blogs I've looked it up on! I'm really into purple at the moment, but I need to get away from the brights and embrace the autumn

    @ayduodd - You should definitely invest in it, it's amazing. But I will admit, it took me a while and a lot of scrubbing to get it off. But no pain no gain ;)


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