Friday, 28 October 2011

October 'Things I Want But Can't Afford' List

Ah, the wishlist. Otherwise known as the things I want but don't really need. So what is it this month?
[1] River Island - Black Scalloped Edge Padlock Bag - £40
I've had my eye on this bag for a long time now, and very almost bought it when I was in Leeds...   and Bedford... and Cambridge. Erm, yeah I just want this bag. It's so cute, and although I would like it to be slightly bigger I can settle for this size. (Well that sounded very wrong)
[2] O.P.I Muppets Collection - Rainbow Connection - £9.50 (Amazon)
O.P.I? Muppets Collection?! Just awesomeness in a bottle. Being a bit of a glitter addict, I was just drawn to this particular colour, talk about stand-out nails!
[3] O.P.I Divine Swine - £8.99 (Amazon)
The same reasons as Rainbow Connection, although mainly due to the fact I am a sucker for pink nail polish.
[4] Deborah Lippman Candy Shop - £BloodyExpensive
I only came across this nail polish a couple of days ago, but it was love at first sight. You may have gathered that I love glitter nail polish, and that I love pink nail polish, so together it's just a winner for me! Unfortunately, I've found it really hard to find somewhere in the UK that I can buy it, even online it's been difficult, and when I have found it it's been stupidly expensive.
[5] Models Own/Wah - Black Nail Art Pen - £6
I've got a bit bored of having plain nails, and looking through loads of blogs I've found so many cute nail designs. I'm particularly a fan of polka dots and leopard print.
[6] Lush Cosmetic - Warrior Fresh Face Mask - £5.50
My skins is just so prone to breakouts, and apparently this face mask is great for spot-prone skin. Although I've heard it doesn't smell too good (seeing as it's got garlic in it)  it's apparently very effective.
[7] Nails Inc - Magnetic Nail Polish in Houses of Parliament - £7 (On
I actually bought this yesterday when I spotted it on at the amazing price of £7 which is £6 off RRP! I was originally going to buy the 17 Magnetic Polish, but seeing as it's only a pound cheaper than what I paid for the Nails Inc version, I thought I would go for Nails Inc and try a brand I'm not always going to be able to afford. Apparently the Magnetic Nails trend is going to be huge over Autumn/Winter11.
[8] River Island - Black Stud and Spike Shoes - £65
I really have a thing for studs at the moment, and aren't these shoes just gorgeous? Unfortunately they're limited edition and they've sold out in my size on the website, so I don't think I'll actually be getting a pair of these. I don't know if I could bring myself to spend the £65 anyway!

There's a few other things I wouldn't mind on payday (like a few polishes from the new Models Own Beetlejuice range) but I suppose I better stop there.


  1. I'm craving some OPI but after seeing how cheap it is in America i'm forcing myself to wait!

  2. Haha, I know the feeling. I'm going to Los Angeles in Febuary and I have a very long list of nail polishes to get! If I find a Target I may also buy some ELF make-up, apparently MAC is cheaper there too!

  3. Ooo, I love those O.P.I colours they're so glittery and pretty! but also so expensive!!

  4. Those heels are gorgeous! Shame they're limited edition x

  5. @Dolly Daydream - Aren't they just :( May have to treat myself though!
    @Stefany - Oh gosh I know, bit gutted that they've now completely sold out on the website ;(


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