Saturday, 27 August 2011

Giving in to Models Own

After about three weeks of ummming and arrrrring over the huge selection of colours and polishes by Models Own, (not to mention breaking into my bank account) I finally gave in and made my first order. I've heard great things about the quality of Models Own when reading other blogs, and I just wanted to have pretty nails. There's nothing wrong with wanting pretty nails. The 50% off sale also had a great part in finally ordering something!

These are the colours I decided on...

1. Jade Stone 2. Pastel Pink 3.Coral Reef 4. Top Turquoise 5. Silver Fox 
Models Own Nail Polish usually costs £5 per bottle, but with the sale on at the moment these came in at £2.50 each! What a bargain. Now I just have to wait for them too arrive *sad face*.

Picture Source: Models Own

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