Monday, 29 August 2011

Coral nails and Bronte tales

Today I met up with my friend Kat. We went to a coffee shop, did some people watching and had a laugh. These are some pictures from the last few days, as you can see I haven't been doing anything very interesting.

Mother made a meringue (just had to check with Google if that was the right spelling which to my  surprise it was).

Kat painted my nails a summery coral colour by Barry M, which funnily enough and very creatively is called Coral. On here they just look pink. I'm trying my hardest not to chip them or pick at them, but I am finding it quite difficult.

Percy pig sweets and a customised Jane Eyre book cover, I just couldn't resist!

The adorable presents my friend Becca got me for my birthday. These slippers have been keeping my toes nice and cosy as it's been pretty cold weather today.

Tomorrow I'm off to the sea-side with my best friend Allie and my parents to visit my grandparents. Should be a nice day, just as long as the weather isn't horrible. I've got my bucket and spade and my 1p coins ready!


  1. Love the cookie monster tshirt !
    And the percy pigs :)
    New follower !

  2. I know it's great isn't it! It's from Primark ;) Thank you for following me x


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