Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 Beauty, Blogging and Lifestyle Resolutions

Happy New Year everybody! I guess it's time to make those all important promises to ourselves for 2013. Usually I'm not one to bother with resolutions, I usually forget about them or just turn into my lazy self again, but this year has to be different. In 12 months time on the 31st December, I want to actually feel happy with my body, feel like I've achieved something, and be at a content place in my life. Even if I don't keep to this longer-than-intended list of goals, I'll be satisfied if I manage to stick it out with a few. That's a change.

Blogging Resolutions
· Post at least twice a week
· Go to a bloggers meet-up
· Make a separate twitter for my blog
· Reach 200 published blog posts (currently on 82)
· Get talking to more bloggers
· Create some weekly features
· Post an outfit of the day
· Reach 30,000 views

Beauty Resolutions
· Only use make-up wipes after a night out
· Clean make-up brushes once a week
· Stop being lazy with moisturising my legs/arms
· Find a way to improve my skin
· Delve into hair products

Lifestyle Resolutions
· Drink more water
· Have a healthier life style and achieve some weight loss
· Change time management habits
· Keep a diary
· Get my university offers
· Get a B in my Sociology A Level
· Get a C in my History A Level
· Get into university
· Look for work experience in marketing/pr/advertising
· Get a job and save up money rather then spending it as soon as it hits the bank account
· Spend more time with my family
· Stop spending so much time sitting in my room on my laptop

· Ride a rollercoaster (why am I doing this to myself?!)
· Give blood
· Make a youtube video
· Tidy my room and actually maintain the tidiness for once (ha!)
· Be more experimental with fashion and don't just go for the 'practical' choices all the time
· Learn to drive
· Go to a festival in the summer
· Finish reading The Hunger Games and er, Fifty Shades of Grey (force* myself to)

Let's wait and see how this all pans out then, I'm rather excited about it all. I've even put a motivation sticky note on my desktop to remind myself not to be a disappointment! I'll only be disappointing myself, and that's one of the worst feelings. So it's January 1st, it's 2013, lets get cracking.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.
What are your new years resolutions?


  1. Wow, sounds like you're going to be busy this year! I loved the Hunger Games books. Happy new year and hope 2013 is a good year for you xx

    1. Yeah definitely, got my work cut out! They're amazing aren't they. You too! xx

  2. Impressed with how many resolutions you've made! I'm yet to make any, although I'll definitely be going with giving blood as I've been meaning to do this all year! xo

    1. Yeah... looking back over this maybe I went a bit crazy with them haha. I'm scared about doing it, but I want to so we shall see how that one goes :) xx

  3. I definitely need to go to a festival too, I've decided that I'm going to Boardmasters! I'm so excited. Which festivals do you want to go to?

    1. I just checked out the line-up for that, looks great! I'm really not sure yet, it depends on how far away I can travel and what my friends want to do too! I need to have a proper research :)

  4. Happy new year and hope 2013 is a good one! I did a resolutions post too, just hope I keep to them! Good luck on achieving your resolutions, look forward to seeing your future posts x

    1. Thank you, you as well! I know they're always have to keep. Aw thanks! x

  5. Hope your have a great 2013 and manage to keep to all your new year resolutions hun. Thanks for the link on twitter


  6. Happy New Year, have a great one! You have the craziest resolutions. Awesome!


    Please do visit and tell me what you think?

    1. Thanks! You too :) Haha I think I went a bit mad with them!x

  7. Absolutely love this post! Very inspiring <3
    Good luck mrs and at least you have this post to come back to and give you inspiration <3 xxx
    Happy New Year xxxx

    Abbie xox

    1. Aw thanks Abz! Yes that's what I thought!
      Happy new year to you too xx

  8. you've got some great goals for the year ahead! good luck!

    new follower :)


    1. Lets hope I can keep to them! Thank you lovely x


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