Tuesday, 12 June 2012

#2 Week (and a bit) in Photos - Jubilee and The Maccabees

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Wow, can you believe I've posted consecutively for two days? Must be a record breaker! I'll admit, as it says in the title, this is a week and a bit in photos. But, I haven't posted about 'life' in a while so I thought I'd include a few photos out of the week period. Last Friday, I finished school forever. Well, saying that I could be back in September to do Year 14, but I've applied to go to college instead for a year which I think I'd much rather prefer! Fingers crossed for me guys, please. The day was Jubilee themed, as you can see in the photo of me and my mate Becca sporting Umbrella hats, Union Jack Flags, and the Queen and Prince Philip masks. I won't lie, they scared me so much, they were SO freaky, especially when your friends decide to chase you around the house in them. It's not my birthday until July 7th which I'll be in Poland for, but Allie surprised me with tickets to go and see The Maccabees at Alexandra Palace on Friday. They were honestly amazing, it was their biggest headline show to date and it was pretty mental in there. I also lost my fake tan virginity, and i'm loving being bronzed rather than looking like Caspa the ghost all the time. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm officially a fake tan convert.

So, I hope you all had a lovely week (and a bit?). Two more exams to go, and then the Summer begins! I'm getting majorly excited for June 24th, as I was lucky enough to get tickets to Radio 1 Hackney Weekend, so it will be off to LDN once again. It's a shame the train tickets have gone up by £7.00! I could be spending that on other crap I don't really need. Hope you're all lovely and well.


  1. I'm so incredibly jealous! Love the maccabees!



    1. They were honestly so good live. If you haven't and get the chance, then go and see them! Just wear some kind of protective gear haha. x

  2. Hackney? I'm extremely jealous! The line up is incredible.
    Wish I could spend my birthday in another country it'd be brilliant.
    I'm sure you'll get in to college without any problems, so fingers crossed for you.
    Have you tried Malibu's cranberry juice? It's to die for.

    1. I'm so lucky to be going, I can't wait. I've been a Radio1 obsessive for a long time. Haha, well, I spent my last birthday in another country so I won't have been in England for my birthday for two years. Only thing is it's my 18th, so I'm not sure how too feel about being away from my family and a lot of my close friends. Thank you very much, I really hope so! I can't say I have actually, I'll make sure I try it sometime!


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